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December 09, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

How to Mix Art Resin & Hardener?

Resin art is among the most popular trends on the internet, but it is not easy to get into it. Making resin art looks easy on the internet, but that is not the case. Making resin creations requires tremendous effort, precision, and several different tools. This article focuses on the mixing ratios of resin and hardeners. It is crucial to mix them correctly to ensure that the end product is durable and beautiful. 

Never Forget The Safety Equipment

Before making resin creations, it is crucial to gather safety equipment while handling the products. The things you will need are eye protection glasses, latex/rubber gloves, mixing cups, sticks, a digital scale, and a measuring cup.



Check The Volume Ratio On The Packet

Next, look at the volume ratio of your resin and hardener. Resin companies will state this ratio on their packaging. For example, if your ratio quantity is 2:1, use two parts resin and one part hardener. This art resin and hardener set from Oytra has a mixing ratio of 2:1, as stated on the packet. If it is 3:1, use three parts resin and one part hardener.


Weight v.s Volume: Your Call

Inaccurate measurement is an issue with resin projects, and it requires practice to master. You can measure the resin and hardener either by weight or by volume. Let us understand the right way to measure by weight. Switch on your digital scale and choose your unit of measurement (grams/ounces). Place your mixing cup and press the reset button. Pour the required quantity of resin and calculate the hardener quantity needed. Make sure to double-check your calculations for the sake of precision. Press the reset button again and pour the hardener quantity into the same mixing cup.


 Some people like to measure using volume, which is more straightforward than the method described before. However, you will need mixing cups that have accurate markings on them. Take some resin, pour, and wait for it to settle. Remember that resin sets in a concave shape with a meniscus in the center. Using this method, you will not have to calculate the quantity of hardener required for the mixture. It is because the measuring cup will have markings on it.


 It is crucial to mix the resin and hardener properly to ensure correct results. Mixture for two to three minutes continuously until you no longer see any streaks in the mixture. Ensure that you are scraping all the corners, sides, and the bottom of the mixing cup several times during this process. You will have to mix for a long time if you have a large quantity of it.

Once you have mixed it thoroughly, pour the resin and hardener mixture gently and remove the air bubbles.


The Last Word

Creating resin projects is easy once you get the knack for mixing resin and hardeners. As long as you pay attention to the mixing ratios on the packaging, your eyes in projects will turn out beautiful. So, get a resin and hardener set, and start your first project today with confidence!

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