Thin Out Resin Hardener Mixture?

How Can I Thin Out Oytra Resin Hardener Mixture?

The best way to thin out epoxy resin is to place the unopened bottles in a warm water bath before you mix. Warming it will alter the viscosity of Resin, making it more runny and greatly decreasing the bubbles. Do not attempt to add solvents to thin out epoxy resin: doing so will compromise the non-toxicity of the product and could cause curing issues by throwing off the delicate balance necessary to for the resin and hardener to catalzye.

💡TIP: Be aware that warming Resin will decrease the working time by about 10-15 minutes, as well as the cure time.
💡TIP: Always warm your resin before you measure and mix: warming the resin after you've mixed it may cause it to cure immediately. Place your unopened bottles in warm water and thoroughly dry them before you open them - even a single drop of water can cause cloudiness in your cured resin.