What is Liquid Bakeable Clay?

What is Liquid Bakeable Clay?

Oytra Liquid Polymer Clay is a heat-set medium with exceptional strength and flexibility. Different colors may be intermixed to create new colors. Transparent colors can be mixed with opaque White to make opaque colors. To create a metallic or pearlescent effect, mica powders may be added. When mixing colors, use minimal agitation. Excessive stirring will create air bubbles.



Oytra Liquid Polymer Clay has excellent leveling properties and flows smoothly, allowing it to be cured in sheets or poured into metal or glass molds. After curing, it may be cut with scissors into desired shapes. A few examples of its uses include: stained glass window clings, hinges, watercolor effects, faux stones, faux cloisonné, faux dichroic glass, coasters, mosaics, marbleizing, colorizing transfers and so much more.

You can create creations and bake same at 130 Degrees for 30-40 Minutes