December 08, 2021 3 min read

7 Easy Polymer Clay Hacks / Tips

Are you looking for tips to make better arts and crafts? If you are new to Oytra Polymer Oven Bake Clay, you will be on the lookout for tips to help you with your creations. We are putting together our 7 easy Polymer Clay hacks that you can use for your crafts. 

1) Mixing clay of different colors and brands:

Did you know you can totally mix different colours and brands of Polymer clay? This makes the project more exciting as you can experiment as per your project. If you don't have exact colours you can get creative by mixing the different colours to lighten or darken the shade as you need. 

When mixing clay of different brands, you need to be careful when baking. As different brands can have different temperatures and time, the best option is to heat at a lower temperature for a longer time to prevent the pieces from getting burnt. 

2) Rolling the clay efficiently:

Are you tired of rolling the clay? Does it get uneven and stick to the roller? One simple tip is the simple Pasta Roller machine. This helps to roll the clay evenly and you can even adjust the thickness in the machine. 

3) Preventing clay from getting burnt:

Do your clay pieces get burnt at the bottom? Use a couple of parchment papers  (butter paper) at the bottom and this will help prevent the pieces from getting burnt. 

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On the other hand, if the pieces get burnt at the top, cover the pieces with foil paper placed loosely on the top.

This will prevent it from getting burnt on both sides and you can bake it for a little longer so that it becomes harder. 

4) Hardening the clay: 

Is your polymer clay too soft? Put the piece between two sheets of paper or keep one side folded and place a heavy book over it on top. Leave it there for at least 30 minutes and you are going to see some of the oil come from the clay. 

You can also leave it  in the freezer for a few minutes. Now the clay is usable and good to go.

5) Softening the Clay:

Is your clay too hard and crumbly? You can use the indispensable vaseline or baby oil to keep them soft.

You can add a few drops depending on how soft you want and massage it well. You can now see the clay become soft and easy to use.

6) Cleaning the Clay:

Do you observe too many dust particles or finger print marks on your piece? You can easily clean this off using rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or baby wipes poured on ear cleaning buds. 

You can also use the nail polish remover to clean after the clay is baked. Alternatively you can also use any leftover scrap pieces of clay to clean your piece. So there are a lot of options available out there.

7) Broken Clay Pieces:

Need to mend a broken charm? The best part of Polymer Clay is that it can be baked over and over. This is great when you have to fix a broken creation. 

Using these simple tips will help you make your crafts more efficiently. Do try these simple hacks and let us know which one is your favorite!

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