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December 18, 2021 2 min read

How to deal with dust and fingerprints on Polymer Clay?

Searching for ways to clean the dust on Polymer Clay? Look no further as we are sharing with you how to deal with dust and fingerprints on Polymer Clay.

Keeping the clay pieces 100% dust free is impossible. However, there are several ways to clean them.

Ways to clean dust from clay before starting project:

Wipe the crafting surface and your hands clean with disinfectant wipes.

  • Use a small portion of white polymer clay as scrap and condition it with your hands. Rub this piece between your hands. It will pick the dust from your hands. Rub this piece on your workspace and tools to clean them nicely. You can then reuse this piece for future projects.
  • Better to wear an old white shirt when working with clay. This is to prevent lint from your dress from getting stuck in the clay pieces.

Ways to clean dust from clay while working on projects:

  • If there is a small portion of dust you can poke with a knife and scrape off the dust.
  • Use acetone if there is a lot of dust on the clay piece. Dip the earbuds in pure acetone and wipe it on the clay piece. This will clean all the dust and fingerprint marks.

For dust embedded deep in the clay, scrape the clay pieces with a knife and pull it using tweezers. Clean further with acetone to remove finger marks.

  • You can paint the clay to cover the dust using acrylic paint.
  • You can also further texture the clay to disguise any little dust that is embedded in the clay beneath.

Which of these tips did you try? We hope you found these tips useful to deal with the dust and fingerprints on Polymer Clay.

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