December 07, 2021 2 min read

Tips to Bake Polymer Clay: How to Find the Right Temperature & Time?

Oytra Polymer Oven Bake Clay, known as Oytra Polymer Clay or simply Polymer Clay, generically enables people to create excellent designs. You can add any color to polymer clay and mold it in any shape. As long as the consistency of your clay is correct, you can create anything out of it. However, baking polymer clay is a different ballgame. 


If you are not using air clay, you need to put it in the baking oven. All clays have the optimal baking temperature mentioned on their Oytra packaging. Always try to stick to this temperature, but change it according to the thickness of your product. A thick layer of clay takes longer to bake than a thin one.

What Is The Most Common Baking Temperature?

For most clays, the average baking temperature is 230 F(110 C) - 265 F(130 C). Baking polymer clay at low heat will make it brittle over time. On the other hand, the polymer will burn due to excess heat.


Let Us Talk About Baking Time.

Most sources recommend a baking time of 15 mins - 30 mins. However, if your product is too thick, you can bake it for a little over an hour too! If your polymer feels like it is not ready, bake it for some more time. As a thumb rule, remember that high temperature, not longer baking time causes the polymer to burn. In the worst-case scenario, your polymer clay will change color if left in the oven too long, but burning is rare.

However, baking clay at a too-low temperature to avoid burning does not benefit the clay. If you keep the temperature too low and bake the clay for too long, it will remain brittle. On the contrary, if you bake the clay above the recommended temperature, it changes color but becomes more durable.

What About Its Thickness?


The thickness of the polymer clay is a crucial factor for baking it. Many novices note that thick, heavy polymer products are tricky to bake than light ones. In such cases, the polymer bakes from the outside but stays raw inside. You can insert a clump of foil inside the polymer clay to reduce its thickness.


So, how do you decide the right temperature for baking Oytra polymer clay?


The answer is simple: experiment! Cut your Oytra polymer clay into nine little rectangles of the same thickness. Bake three of them at the recommended temperature, each for a different period. For instance, 230 F (110 C) - 15 mins, 230 F - 30 mins, 230 F - 45 mins. Increase the temperature for the next three, and decrease for the three after them. Check the durability of each one by bending it. If the polymer breaks quickly, it is not durable and vice versa.


That way, you can check the optimal temperature for your Oytra polymer clay. Such experimentation is necessary because every oven is different. Once you find the right temperature, you can make numerous creations from your Oytra polymer clay.

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