1.5 Kg Art Resin Hardener Liquid Kit 2:1

Art Resin and Hardener Combo 2:1 (1500 grams)

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR AND SELF LEVEL: Crystal Clear Art Resin epoxy pour kit is a piece of crystal-clear equipment and coating system. It remains crystal clear all the time and resistant to yellowing. To secure a better self-level effect, just complete the stirring in 3-4 minutes and pour into the molds as soon as possible
  • HARD AS A ROCK BESIDE NO BUBBLE: This clear art craft resin epoxy kit is quick-drying and strong as a rock if you ensure perfect amount ratio by volume and stir thoroughly which making it an ideal epoxy resin for river tables and as a clear epoxy resin for wood. It leaves no bubble if you stir evenly and slowly
  • IDEAL FOR ANY SURFACE APPLICATION: This crystal-clear resin can be used for all surface application such as casting, coating, and art projects including cutting boards, coasters, countertops, bar top, resin Art, jewellery making, coating artwork, and acrylic pour paintings, molds and river tables
  • NON-TOXIC-EASY & SAFE TO USE WITH 2:1 RATIO: This epoxy resin formula is non-toxic which makes it safe to use. It does not include any VOCs and solutions. It is odourless, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. As this solution comes with a 2:1 ratio, just mix two-part resin to one-part hardener and then you'll have 45 minutes of work time at room temperature to build your best artwork!

Customer Reviews

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Shaziah Quadri (Pune, IN)

Just love the product

N.s. (Chandigarh, IN)
Good value for money!

Its packaging is difficult to open

S.K. (Vasco da Gama, IN)
Extremely satisfied with the 1.5 Kg Art Resin Hardener Liquid Kit 2:1

Great quality product, highly recommended!

a. (Jabalpur, IN)

Great product, easy to use and delivers good results.

A.D. (Mumbai, IN)

Great product, worth the investment.