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Oytra Mop Brush 4 Pcs Set for Artists Painting Calligraphy Watercolor Quill Oil Acrylics with Wooden Handle Vegan Soft Bristles

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 4 Round Mop Brush Set is ideal for expressing yourself – whether you are a professional artist or a beginner - in all your artistic creations and crafts. You can use them as watercolor, acrylic, oil, gouache, or tempera paint brushes!

  • Comes with Set Of 4 Mop Brushes Sizes- 0,2,4 and 8 Painting Brush
  • Soft, Absorbent hair that can hold Paint well and comes to an Excellent Point, perfect for mop and wash techniques, illustration, animation, rendering, and dusting.
  • Made of fine Quality Wood, ergonomic Shape and Smooth Painting finish for comfortable grip, suitable for any temperament, speed, skill or style. They will not be bent or broken even with long-term use.
  • The Ferrule of the brush is Deep crimping compresses the walls of the ferrule into the surface of the wooden handle, creating a mechanical lock that securely fastens the ferrule to the handle.
  • Simply clean brushes with warm water immediately after use, Make sure to clean them out very well after each use and store with the brush tip up. Never leave it soaking in dirty water with the tip down.